How To Thrive Under Pressure And...

Have That Difficult Conversation...

And Make That Move You've Been Putting Off.

I'm Mark Iron and I'm a performance specialist who is not interested in fixing you because your NOT broken.

I had performance anxiety...

I anxiety attacks...

... and I know that ANYONE can perform under pressure because I thrive under pressure now.



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    What is the GISR you hear me talking about?


    The ratio of DHEA to cortisol that you release during stress is the growth index of your stress response. A higher GISR — meaning more DHEA to cortisol — is associated with thriving under pressure. When most people fall apart, you feel energised to keep going.


    Understanding your TWO stress sensors.


    Stress Pathway #1 depends on how you frame the feelings associated with stress. Mindset is stress pathway #1 and can go in either direction below.

    1. Fear, anxiety or aggression; fostering negative emotion. More cortisol, less testosterone, DHEA, NGF and BDNF. Loss of trophic support and negative emotional strengthening.
    2. Excitement, feeling energised, and that your body is preparing you to meet this challenge; fostering positive emotion. Optimised cortisol, testosterone, DHEA, NGF and BDNF. Gaining trophic support and positive emotional strengthening on autopilot.

    Stress Pathway #2 depends on how CLEAN and clear this stress pathway is. Why is that important?


    Because stress pathway #2 will trigger more cortisol, less testosterone, DHEA, NGF and BDNF without you even thinking a thought. Loss of trophic support and negative emotional strengthening follow. It's slowing you down, lowering your mood and energy. Stress pathway #2 handicaps you.


    Right now you may have no control over pathway #2 because, for most people, it's hidden. It's quietly slowing you down.


    I've got you covered in the master class. I will reveal what the hard-working scientist have uncovered so you can keep the stress pathway #2 clean and optimised.

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