Hey my friend, Mark Iron here... it seems like you're interested in high human performance.


It seems like you know deep down that out of balance stress hormones, are the glue that keeps you stuck and reaching for junk food and booze at the end of the day. 


A few hours later, lying in bed you wonder why you keep doing this. 


The next day you wake up like a good soldier forcing your way through the day. Some days are ok and some days are crap. 


You remain stuck having mood swings, energy ups and downs and you call the life. 


As I learned, you can’t outperform stress hormones without forcing your way through the day employing willpower, a very limited brain resource.


How do you know? How do you feel?

How's your mood, energy, focus, vigour and confidence?


If you're having anymore that a couple of off days a month, you might have hidden stress lowering your potential.


Are you okay with that?

Do you want stress hormones to win and rule over you?


If you want help, each day you'll get a new video email to your inbox and you can watch anytime before the videos are put back in the secured vault at Project Phoenix Headquarters.

Here is the full list of videos🤙

  • Hormones & Neuromodulators.

    How to gain the system and produce a STRONG hormonal response on autopilot. (System 1 & 2)

  • Happy Stress Hormones

    How to make cortisol your friend when 5 things are true.

  • Become A Leader

    How to stay calm and produce a STRONG hormonal response when most people lose their mind and give in.

  • More V8 Grunt

    How to double your Testosterone and GISR in 6 weeks.

  • Clamps & Wasters

    The clamps and wasters are that dirty up your 5 hormonal systems.

  • Cleanse & Enhance

    How to cleanse and optimise your 5 main hormonal systems. 

  • Pumping 24/7 x 365

    How to keep your hormones and energy pathways pumping 24/7 — 365.

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