WARNING: Don't Let T Slide As You Age...

Covered In The Book... The HARD Truth.

Why hormones are the foundation to success in all areas of life. 


Why having optimal T is critical for all men.

What are the consequences of struggling with low or average T.

How did testosterone drop over 2-fold since the 1940s.


PS. You are not too old, I am 50. You DO NOT need elite genetics. This is a natural scientific method.


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Instant Download.

Don't Let T Slide As You Age...

I was blessed to interviewed Dr Amy B Killen, a world-respected authority on sexual performance and longevity.


In the Podcast, Dr Amy said that Testosterone is super important for the ladies too. Ladies just need theirs at optimal levels because it exerts the same benefits for them too.


According to my mentor, Dr Anthony Jay, PhD, ladies' levels should be 60-80ng/dL to 300-400. As you can see, much lower than men's.

Here is an excerpt from a Podcast I did with Dr Amy. 


Amy: Basically, the last 100 years, especially the last 50 years, since about the 1980s, our levels, as a whole population, have gone down by about 1% per year compared to 1980. So we're looking at about a 40% drop in Testosterone in the last 40 years alone.

Mark: So, what impact is that going to have on our physiology? Is it libido, is it how lean we are, how alive we feel? What actually drives into low Testosterone?

Amy: Yes. It's all those things.

Mark: Right, I thought so.

Amy: It's also things that are even more important.


We know that men who have lower testosterone levels tend to have higher mortality rates in general. So all-cause mortality is higher in men with the lowest core tile of testosterone levels.


So, we're going to see increases in things like cardiovascular disease. So heart attacks, strokes are going to go up.


Generally, if you have low Testosterone, increased diabetes, increased obesity, increased problems with mood disorders, depression, insomnia, anxiety, all that goes up.

And then undoubtedly, sexual dysfunction.


So everything from low libido to low sperm counts and infertility are all associated with low Testosterone.


So it's not something that we should just brush off as being like, ah, it's no big deal. It's kind of a big deal.


It actually means that our men are getting less and less healthy and they're more and more likely to suffer from some kind of disease.


Low T is a big problem in ALL areas of life.


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Our Hormones Are Going Bankrupt.

Dr Anthony said that if your is 500 or below, that's a big problem, better fix it! Why?


Because as you can see in the image below, once you get below 500, life gets tough. We lose our lean muscular physique. We lose our energy, motivation and hunger for success. Are you okay with that?


First, let's explore the properties of two of the four V8 hormones.


DHEA and Testosterone...

My friend, Dr Ken Berry, MD said on my podcast: "The classic stance of someone with average or low Testosterone is when something happens is: Oh, woe is me, we can't do anything about this.”

Because when your T's low, you tend to just roll over and take it."

Understand, it is not your fault. The system bankrupted your V8 hormones leaving you in the dark feeling insecure—struggling to be the man you were born to be.


As you can see below, ever since the late 1980s testosterone has plummeted over 2-fold. 


Do not accept declining gonads, muscles and energy—you can fix this.


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Is it a stupid idea to think you can't do this? Again, I was on TRT and coming off that seems impossible, but it's not.

Mark Iron - Testosterone - Androgenic Method



Are you settling for "average" V8 hormones? 

If you go to your Dr, he will tell you that 400ng/dl is okay, or even 250. Are you okay with that? It should be around 550 - 1200. So I'm sorry, and very respectfully, that is NOT FINE! 

Thinking your blood test is "fine" because it falls within "normal" ranges is like saying you nailed your Maths Test because you got 50%.

How will average or weak hormones influence you over the next 12-months?


My client Corey, was only 23 when he noticed something was off. His endocrinologist said that his low-average Testosterone was fine. Corey's story is below, he got V8 enhance fast.


Dr Berry said on my podcast:


Mark Iron - Testosterone - Androgenic Method


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Inside The Androgenic Method...

 "The devil whispers you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior replies I am the storm." 

​Replace "devil" with "dark fuelled man" and "Warrior" with " V8 fuelled man".


You cannot outcompete dark fuel without forcing your way through the day. It is slowly rusting away the successful person you were meant to be.

Why V8 Hormones Give You The Edge!

They keep dark fuel at healthy levels... See below!

After everything I've laid on the table, is it a stupid idea to think you can't do this?


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Corey, Melbourne Australia

After trying everything and even seeing one of the top male specialists who told me “It’s just how God made you” - I truly lost hope in achieving any sort of optimisation physically.


I spent 4 years believing this is ‘just how I am’, and suffered significantly across all areas of my life as a result.


I reached out to Mark as my final desperate attempt to feel better.


He jumped on a call with me and explained the science so clearly and logically that I couldn’t say no to one last attempt at changing my life around.


Mark entered with a different approach and highlighted that this is not how you were made, but what our environments have done to us.


With Mark's help, I have gone from being unable to get up in the mornings and a complete energy yo-yo during the day - To getting up easily, waking up feeling great and having a stable level of energy throughout the day.


I am remaining more consistent with my workouts than I have been over the past 5 years and I actually want to train.


I am also more able to focus on my work during the day!


I have lost 2 kilos of fat in two weeks whilst gaining strength, my mum has lost 5 kilos in two weeks and is getting compliments everywhere she goes.


If you are serious and hungry to take back your health - getting involved with Mark Iron is the best decision you could make.

Page 48 — Phase 1. 


3-Steps to unlock your five hormonal systems. More energy, lean muscular body, and a happier smarter brain.

Page 49 - What are you spending your energy on?

STEP 1: How to Balance your Omega Hormones.
Page 56 - Do You Need A Fat Reset?

STEP 2: Eliminate ALL ED’s 
Page 63 - V8 traps to avoid.   


Step 3: Use The One Ingredient Method 
Page 82 - The V8 Checklist.
Page 84 - Basic Bloodwork Screen.
Page 92 - A sample of what I do.
Page 107 - Questions and Answers.
Page 108 - Conclusion and final thoughts.


In as little as 6-weeks you can have V8 hormones flowing. However, if you don't get the results you want, you have some metabolic issues under the hood that need fixing.


Some men do, others don't. If that's the case for you, you can reach out to me for help. I will give you a quick wins plan and show you exactly why you are stuck.

Have You Given Up On Increasing Your V8 Grunt?

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