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Testosterone Benefits 

  1. SIGNIFICANTLY slows fat acumination.
  2. IMPROVES insulin resistance thus raising glucagon.
  3. HAS A PRIMARY anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. SIGNIFICANTLY reduces fat mass. R
  5. Increases courage and optimism
  6. Lower fear and anxiety
  7. Increases courage, confidence and optimism
  8. Increases bone strength and mass
  9. Increases muscle mass and strength

DHEA Benefits

  • DHEA counters cortisol, it helps to keep it at optimal levels
  • DHEA significantly LOWERS feelings of Guilt, Hostility, Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Effects.
  • DHEA significantly INCREASES feelings of Warm-heartedness, Caring and Vigour [R]

By thought alone, you can make of DHEA or Cortisol. The V8 hormone will help you feel like you can take on ANYTHING. Whereas cortisol can make it seem impossible and you will never win, like a failure.


As you know that both DHEA and cortisol have the same precursor ACTH. This protein hormone is produced in 40 pulses per day. R What do you want ACTH to make? DHEA or cortisol?


In Chapter 4, of The Androgenic MethodI show you how to make V8 hormones on demand.


The unfair advantage of DHEA is this; it's a neurosteroid. What Testosterone does for your muscles and bones, DHEA does for your brain. Enhanced learning, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and lowers stress in the mind.

The 3 Endocrine Disrupters

ED, as you know, means endocrine disrupter. An example, advanced glycation end products (AGE's) are natural endocrine disrupters.


In chapter 2 of The Androgenic Method, I will reveal where AGE's are hiding in your food, and how they form from elevated blood glucose. If you eat a standard western diet, you can have elevated blood glucose, increasing the total pool of AGEs in your blood. R


AGE's increase inflammation and lowers dopamine. Do you see the problem there?


AGE’s will form when you have insulin resistance. It is estimated that up to 80 per cent of the population has some form of insulin resistance. More concerning, EDC/EEDC cause insulin resistance. R


Get The Androgenic Method to learn the shocking truth about the food you are "told" is healthy.

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