A few years ago, I learned the most important lesson I have ever learned. I stumbled across research from Professor Sapolsky at Stanford, and the penny dropped and profoundly changed the course of my life. It was about stress physiology, stress hormones and stress behaviour.

Sapolsky said that if you have higher than healthy levels of stress hormones or inflammation, it engages stress-based thoughts. Sapolsky said that stress hormones foster negative emotion like self-doubt, guilt, anxiety, hostility and burnout. 

That makes everything harder, fat loss, feelings of well-being and maintaining consistent focus and energy. It’s emotionally draining, and you flip flop between moods. I used to and I thought it was "normal" but it's not. Understand, this is not you, this is how stress hormones make you feel and act. 

Imagine for a moment you are a top CEO, you have the car, the status, the dream life. One day you start to feel like you are losing your edge. What do you think will get your edge back? Isn’t it obvious?

The person that does not enhance their “V8 hormones” automatically loses a piece of their “edge” each day. Over a year, that adds up big. How will that impact your results? 

Do you want to get left behind while another V8 enhanced dude or dudette takes your spot at the top? You can get your CEO status back, believe that.


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