Our Hormones Are Going Bankrupt.

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Is it a stupid idea to think you can't do this? Again, I was on TRT and coming off that seems impossible, but it's not.



Are you settling for "average" V8 hormones? 

If you go to your Dr, he will tell you that 400ng/dl is okay, or even 250. Are you okay with that? It should be around 550 - 1200. So I'm sorry, and very respectfully, that is NOT FINE! 

Thinking your blood test is "fine" because it falls within "normal" ranges is like saying you nailed your Maths Test because you got 50%.

How will average or weak hormones influence you over the next 12-months?


My client Corey, was only 23 when he noticed something was off. His endocrinologist said that his low-average Testosterone was fine. Corey's story is below, he got V8 enhance fast.


Dr Berry said on my podcast:


Inside The Androgenic Method...

 "The devil whispers you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior replies I am the storm." 

​Replace "devil" with "dark fuelled man" and "Warrior" with " V8 fuelled man".


You cannot outcompete dark fuel without forcing your way through the day. It is slowly rusting away the successful person you were meant to be.

Why V8 Hormones Give You The Edge!

They keep dark fuel at healthy levels... See below!

After everything I've laid on the table, is it a stupid idea to think you can't do this?

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