Strong Hormones Help You Win The Day.


Strong Hormones Buffer You From Stress.


Strong hormones give you the edge, an unfair advantage.


Testosterone increases feelings of confidence and optimism, while significantly lowering feelings of anxiety, fear and self-doubt.


DHEA wells up feelings of well-being, warmheartedness, courage and vigour!


Weak hormones are keeping you playing it small, well below your potential.


Understand, If You Feel Weak You're Not,

Your Hormones Are.

Testosterone, DHEA and Feel-Good Hormones are low.


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Hormones Control Success

Superior Military Performance 

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The following studies reveal the POWER of hormones and success.


Do you struggle at work with stress?

👉Your hormones are disrupted: Perceived Stress at Work Is Associated with Lower Levels of DHEA-S

PMID: 24015247


Do you struggle with problem solving and academic performance?

👉Your hormones are disrupted: It's what scientists call the Growth Index for a Stress Response. I call that the GISR and it predicts all kinds of success in life.

PMID: 20562010


Do you struggle with low moods and negative thoughts?

Your hormones are disrupted:

1) The DHEA high group experienced significant increases in the positive affect scales of Caring and Vigor and 2) significant decreases in the negative affect scales of Guilt, Hostility, Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Effects.

PMID: 9737736 — Read that again, it's profound AF 😀


Are you full of energy and vigour?

👉Your hormones are disrupted:

DHEA predicts superior Military Performance

PMID: 15289280


You're not too old and you DON'T need elite genetics.


BOTTOM LINE: EEDC's and Western Slave Food Are Stealing Your Success Because They Disrupt Your Hormones.


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9 elite human performance systems I have identified and optimise for.

  1. The V8 Hormonal Engine: Testosterone and DHEA are going to supercharge feelings of wellbeing and confidence, and also keep you lean and muscular AF:
    • Professor Sapolsky wrote in his book behave that testosterone increases feelings of confidence and optimism while lowering fear and anxiety.
    • DHEA counters stress and cortisol. By thought alone, you can make lots of one or the other which will either make your feel like you can take on ANYTHING or like a failure. ACTH is the precursor to both.
    • DHEA is a neurosteroid. What testosterone does for your muscles and bones, DHEA does for your brain. Enhanced learning, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and lowers MUD in the MIND giving you by default, a higher EQ.
    • DHEA significantly LOWERS feelings of Guilt, Hostility, Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Effects.
    • DHEA significantly INCREASES feeling of Warm-heartedness, Caring and Vigour [R]

That's just ONE of the performance pathways we help you with.


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You Can Double Your Testosterone In As Little As 8 Weeks

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But that's not the only system the Mark Iron Method Optimises:

  1. The Feel-Good System: Opioids, oxytocin, and GABA—Calm and confident. The caveat, opioid activation inhibits the V8 hormonal engine, however, with a plan you can balance them out.
  2. The IQ System: Trophic support (hormones) neurotransmitters, BDNF, NGF, myelination) and adding myelin to the vagus nerve to increase heart rate variability (HRV & ACh = Automatic Stress Break)
  3. The Anti-Aging System: Inflammatory resolution and longevity support such as NAD+/sirtuin, β-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) via low insulin, sleep and the glymphatic system.
  4. Metabolic Flexing: Glucagon, Insulin: Switching between carbs and fats enhanced autophagy.
  5. The Spice of Life System: Sex hormone precursors: GnRH, FSH and LH to enhance libido and fertility.
  6. The Energy and Growth System: Cortisol, Thyroid and Growth Hormone. Energy, LDL metabolism, protein synthesis and up-regulation of steroid hormone production. (#3)
  7. Omega and Endocannabinoid system: From sex hormones and saving NAD+, testosterone and DHEA to stopping cravings and overeating.
  8. The Cell Workhorse System: The holy grail of performance NAD+. You can increase and also preserve NAD+ at a ratio of 4:1. Without NAD+ optimised, you’re body and brain is profoundly handicapped.

You can go as advanced as you like ✅

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